The Bookends for Funding

My bookends are used to support the many resource books I have on grants, RFPs and other funding sources. By positioning them on the opposite ends, this pair of supports enables my books to stand up. Lately in my survey of grants, I am seeing the bookends of education quickly becoming a growing funding movement. The bookends of education are Early Learning and Workforce Development.

These opposite ends of the education continuum are the bookends of a student’s educational career. Beginning with preschool learning through college and career readiness, the bookends of education bring lifelong benefits to each student and level the learning field. As a result, the areas of early childhood learning and career and college readiness/workforce development are quickly rising as major areas for investment among federal, state, local, and private funders. A growing number of public and private funders are issuing calls to action and supporting efforts in the bookends by offering grant opportunities.

Between the bookends, and standing tall, is also an area of growing interest and increase funding – the Whole Learner. The bookends frame and support the efforts of social emotional learning, school culture and safety, personalized learning, and family engagement. These are just some of the many supports contributing to the success of the whole learner and appearing in many grant applications.

As the 2019-2020 school year approaches, consider how your company’s solution can align to the bookends of education.  Perhaps you offer solutions to benefit the Whole Learner. Look to funding to support the continuum of learning. It is available, here and now!

Fall Ushers in New Funding

The fall season has arrived on the farm. In many places like my farm, leaves change colors, students are back in school, football kicks off, and bonfires burn bright. This seasonal shift is also true for funding. As fall arrives, so does the arrival of allocated funds to many local school districts. Fall often signals the beginning of the start of the Fall Funds Falling!

We often hear that grants are all about timing. But did you know that timelines don’t really tell the story? Throughout the year funds continuously fall. Discussing what funds are available and what they can be used for during your conversations with education decisions makers is a key selling strategy.

Typically, the fall season is a time when schools are spending newly authorized federal formula funds for the current fiscal year. In addition, schools might also be looking for ways to spend carryover funds from previous fiscal years before the October 30 deadline.

Fall is also a time when grantees for many discretionary funding programs are announced. Several that were announced in the past week are the Education Innovation & Research awards and the COPS School Violence Prevention Program.  Did any of your potential partners receive grants through those programs?

This fall, before you enter the school building for meetings, consider your funding plan and how it aligns with the school’s funding sources. Be knowledgeable about the funds to enable decision makers to procure your products and services. Remember, right now funds are emerging throughout school districts. Are you prepared to rake them in?

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