You are Already Grantable

As a quick refresh on the “Grantable” series, let’s revisit what the term grantable even means. Grantable is the word that we have chosen to encompass all the components that are involved with finding grants, applying to grants, and hand-tailoring the grant process for your clients. Anyone can be grantable, it’s merely a matter of […]

What is a Logic Model and How Does it Help Your Clients?

Logic models are a fantastic strategy when it comes to helping evaluators or practitioners determine a program’s mechanics and structure. By using a logic model as a means of evaluation a program, you can also discover areas that require improvements. Based on the structure of logic models, it is best used to determine efficiencies and […]

Are Your Clients Grantable? The Importance of Logic

Next up in the “Grantable” blog series brings us to the topic of logic. Simply stated, it is important that your clients have the basic understanding of what it is they need out of funding, and the logical implications behind what funds they are searching for. Let’s dive in. Logic and Grant Researching When it […]

Are Your Clients Grantable? A Deep Dive into Eligibility

One of the biggest questions that one might have with the quest for finding a grant is pertaining to eligibility. As the business or professional, you may wonder what it takes to know how a client can be eligible or what that even means. Let’s take a deep dive into what eligibility means and how […]

Are Your Clients Grantable?

Working with clients and discovering their need for funding can feel like a daunting task. However, it does not have to be as impossible as it feels. There are many routes to take, facets to examine, and solutions to these funding needs. One of the most popular avenues to meet funding is through grants. There […]

Is Your Company Featuring Funding?

RFPMatch offers an award winning funding resource and productivity tool for all members in an education community. Featured in the 2021 highlights for Education Associates, RFPMatch was noted for their funding intelligence tool that identifies available grants (show me the money), previous grant awards (targets the money), and grant trends (predicts the money). With the […]

Give the Gift of Funding

New Upgrades for 2021

With many streets quiet this holiday season, RFPMatchOnDemand and GrantsAlert are shouting  Merry Christmas and the Happiest Holiday Greetings to all our Funding Family. We are closing out 2020 with some upgrades to our tools: and Starting on December 29th, 2020, there will be: New, Improved Dashboards Ability to Monitor Your Account Better Notifications […]


A catchy article about SNS – Supplement Not Supplant, Sorry Not Sorry written by Marguerite Roza, a research professor at Georgetown University, appeared in early 2019[1]. As many of you are aware, the education field is often dominated and defined by acronyms: NCLB, ESSA, ESSERF, ESEA, RFP, and on and on. Dr. Roza described the […]

Sweeten the Peel

It’s Citrus Season at – the perfect time to discover new funding sources in education. Many education decision makers are contemplating and conducting comprehensive needs assessments for another school year. This often involves consideration of evidence-based solutions, evaluation of current end of the year spending, and preparation for fresh new spending in the 2020-21 […]

The Fog Lifts and Clear Vision Comes In

The fog is lifting and clear vision is in sight for 2020. The education landscape is giving way to plenty of funding opportunities just waiting for your solutions. As 2019 came to a close, the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 ushered in a sunny outlook. Set your sights on the Department of Education’s discretionary […]

It’s the Time of the Season Filled with Joy

This bright and beautiful time of the year brings a bigger and brighter in 2020! Soon RFPMatch will unwrap a new GrantsAlert, our companion website service for educators, and we want you to share our joy and anticipation. For almost two decades, GrantsAlert is grateful for the educators and community members that follow us […]

Traveling the Yellow Brick Road of Grant Writing

Year after year as surveys and market research are issued, the top pain point expressed by school and district decision-makers is the lack of funds for education.  In the quest for uncovering the needed financial resources for their students and staff, many turn to grants. In fact, a recent Gallup and NewSchools Venture Fund report […]

Stressing About School Spending?

Take the stress out of your sales and marketing efforts by knowing where the money is that states and school districts have to spend.  Did you know the May 2019 U.S. Census Bureau reported an increase in the amount of money spent per pupil? The latest report highlighted some major considerations for school spending, such […]

The Bookends for Funding

My bookends are used to support the many resource books I have on grants, RFPs and other funding sources. By positioning them on the opposite ends, this pair of supports enables my books to stand up. Lately in my survey of grants, I am seeing the bookends of education quickly becoming a growing funding movement. […]

Funding: Something to Laugh About When Selling to Schools?

  “Using funding information is just laughable.” “I don’t have the time.” “You want me to find the money for schools to buy my product? Not my responsibility!” “My customers should know where their money is to buy my product.” “This funding information is not worth the investment.” These are real statements expressed to me […]

Request for Proposal (RFP) Three Reasons to Fall In Love

February is a time of year when we are surrounded by images and messages of love. Perhaps you, or someone you know, may be considering a Request for Proposal to the love in your life. At we fall in love everyday with being able to help companies uncover the best resources to make a […]

Fall Ushers in New Funding

The fall season has arrived on the farm. In many places like my farm, leaves change colors, students are back in school, football kicks off, and bonfires burn bright. This seasonal shift is also true for funding. As fall arrives, so does the arrival of allocated funds to many local school districts. Fall often signals […]

All Aboard the Funding Train

As a young girl growing up during the Western era, I was in love with the singing cowboy, Gene Autry, and his horse Champion. In his movie “Mule Train” from Columbia Pictures, the theme song describes an Old West driver moving his team of mules forward.  As he travels along, he mentions the goods he […]

RFPs: A Thing of the Past

Back in Italy’s heyday, an iconic cathedral was built in Florence that included space to add a jaw-droppingly enormous dome.  The problem? Nobody knew how to design and build the dome structure to complete the cathedral. In 1418, the leaders launched a contest to see which great artisan was up for the challenge. A number […]

RFPMatch: All Things Funding, Elevated to a Whole New Level

Imagine something wonderful, like chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven. Pretty great, right? But what if those cookies were made with a secret recipe that included fragrant, browned butter, a turbinado sugar border, and fleur de sel from the coastal town of Maldon? It’s chocolate chip cookie goodness, elevated to a whole new level. […]

How does the new Education Innovation & Research grant compare to i3?

Everything You Need to Know About the New Title IV Block Grant

Changes on the Horizon for School Improvement

School improvement funding has undergone a major overhaul, courtesy of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) education law. The changes, which will be rolled out in the fall of 2017, are expected to bring greater flexibility to states and districts as they strive to turnaround low-performing schools. But, the modifications also have funding implications that […]

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