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You are Already Grantable

As a quick refresh on the “Grantable” series, let’s revisit what the term grantable even means. Grantable is the word that we have chosen to encompass all the components that are involved with finding grants, applying to grants, and hand-tailoring the grant process for your clients. Anyone can be grantable, it’s merely a matter of […]

What is a Logic Model and How Does it Help Your Clients?

Logic models are a fantastic strategy when it comes to helping evaluators or practitioners determine a program’s mechanics and structure. By using a logic model as a means of evaluation a program, you can also discover areas that require improvements. Based on the structure of logic models, it is best used to determine efficiencies and […]

Are Your Clients Grantable? The Importance of Logic

Next up in the “Grantable” blog series brings us to the topic of logic. Simply stated, it is important that your clients have the basic understanding of what it is they need out of funding, and the logical implications behind what funds they are searching for. Let’s dive in. Logic and Grant Researching When it […]

Are Your Clients Grantable?

Working with clients and discovering their need for funding can feel like a daunting task. However, it does not have to be as impossible as it feels. There are many routes to take, facets to examine, and solutions to these funding needs. One of the most popular avenues to meet funding is through grants. There […]

Is Your Company Featuring Funding?

RFPMatch offers an award winning funding resource and productivity tool for all members in an education community. Featured in the 2021 highlights for Education Associates, RFPMatch was noted for their funding intelligence tool that identifies available grants (show me the money), previous grant awards (targets the money), and grant trends (predicts the money). With the […]