Are Your Clients Grantable? The Importance of Logic

Next up in the “Grantable” blog series brings us to the topic of logic. Simply stated, it is important that your clients have the basic understanding of what it is they need out of funding, and the logical implications behind what funds they are searching for. Let’s dive in.

Logic and Grant Researching

When it comes to searching for grants based on the client’s need, you want to simplify the process. This is where logical reasoning comes into play. A client’s “grantability” has little to do with being worthy, and so much more to do with narrowing down which grants are logically apply to their needs and profile. This is where you get to navigate the waters with your clients to help them understand how to logically approach the funding process. You can essentially function as a funding matchmaker.

Matching Grants to Clients, Logically

One of the easiest ways to simply the funding process for your clients is by matching up the basic profile of a client to the framework of a grant. The last thing you want to do is send your client in a direction that doesn’t even logically apply to who they are or what they need.

Here’s what needs to logically line up:

  • Client’s eligibility and the grant’s eligibility criteria
  • Your client’s funding needs and the purpose of the grant
  • The financial amount in the grant must match the financial need of the client, or at least be significantly helpful
  • Access and timeline: the given timeline of the grant award should be within a window that serves your client best

You Have the Logic

Funding doesn’t have to be a daunting process. There is a lot of common logical reasoning used when you embark into the grant funding universe. Serve your clients well with the logical reasoning that already exists within you. Apply what you’ve learned to help your clients apply to the grants they need.