Are Your Clients Grantable? A Deep Dive into Eligibility

One of the biggest questions that one might have with the quest for finding a grant is pertaining to eligibility. As the business or professional, you may wonder what it takes to know how a client can be eligible or what that even means. Let’s take a deep dive into what eligibility means and how you can help your clients understand their own eligibility.

Understanding Eligibility

The basics of what eligibility means as it relates to grants can be confusing. So, let’s break it down. Eligibility essentially means that who you are, where you work, age, and several other factors determine whether you meet the criteria to receive funding. Some questions to ask your client to determine their eligibility:

  • What is the need that requires funding?
  • Who is the funding for and how much?
  • Where is the funding going?
  • What is the level of education that needs funding?

Once you and your client can collaborate on the answers to these questions, you will be able to narrow down the search for grants.

How to Guide Your Clients Through the Eligibility Process

When it comes to assisting your clients through the eligibility process, the most important thing to lay down as the foundation of this grant search are through the questions above. Once those are answered, you can walk with your client through the language of the grant itself.

In every grant, you will find a section dedicated to eligibility. On, you and your clients will have the ability to view the eligibility criteria attached to the specific grant. Within this section there will be more narrowed descriptions of who is eligible for the grant.

For example:

  • What school district the grant is for
  • The specific category the grant intends to fund (i.e. STEM coursework)
  • Whether the grant is for students, educators, or any other category

Helping your clients understand who they are, what they represent, and where they want to take the funding is a critical component in helping them navigate their own eligibility.

Match Your Clients With Grants That Make Sense

By finding grants that match the level of your clients’ eligibility, you can streamline the grant searching process for them. Your client will be overjoyed that they found a grant that applies to them and their needs, and you will be content with a job well down. Understanding eligibility has never been easier for your clients than it is now.