Is Your Company Featuring Funding?

RFPMatch offers an award winning funding resource and productivity tool for all members in an education community. Featured in the 2021 highlights for Education Associates, RFPMatch was noted for their funding intelligence tool that identifies available grants (show me the money), previous grant awards (targets the money), and grant trends (predicts the money). With the purchase of a subscription, you too can have all things funding for sales and marketing at your fingertips. In addition, you gain access to funding news and application links to share with your clients. Applying funding knowledge has never been easier and more profitable for your education company.

This tool benefits companies who need to ensure they are addressing school district needs and demonstrating their ability to be a trusted partner with the schools.

RFPMatch Highlights and Exciting Updates 

Throughout 2020 and 2021 there were some historical moves in the funding world. By passing three different recovery bills, the biggest financial investment opportunities have occurred in education.

Funds can be utilized for wide range of activities that align with current legislation, such as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Additionally, you’re going to want to help your clients maximize the use of these funds for your products and services. This is where RFPMatch enables you to “match” up!

What An Honor

RFPMatch is delighted and honored to be considered a worthy asset for professionals and other education companies in the funding space. Choose RFPMatch as your go-to funding tool and streamline the process for all your sales and marketing needs!