Finding the funds for all the basic needs for a school or business can be a challenge. If you are concerned about where to even begin, look no further. We have the solution to make all your funding research so much easier for your clients. Consider this holiday season to give the gift of funding to a fellow educator, an entire school system, or any other business you know. is one of the best methods of staying on top of the latest funding availability for educators, school systems, and community leaders.

Why Everyone Needs Funding Help

It’s no secret that educators are some of the hardest working and most devoted professionals out there. Every single teacher has a never-ending list of things to do. From lesson planning, standing in front of a classroom, and using their own money to fund much of their classroom needs, it’s impossible not to recognize that a teacher takes on so much.

Thankfully, there is a way to thank them for all their hard work and dedication. From one business to a teacher, you can give the gift of funding to a teacher, school system, or anyone in need of funding help. It’s a phenomenal gift-giving opportunity.

Utilizing a service such as a grant and funding platform gives teachers the access they need to help fund their lives, their students, their school, and community at large. Give the gift of funding today.

Gift a Subscription 

There are many ways you can maximize the opportunities available through RFPMatch. A subscription to can be used as a gift and costs as little as nine dollars a month. All the funding availability for your clients will be theirs to access. From eligibility details, dollar amounts, and a direct link to apply, GrantsAlert makes funding a breeze for your clients.

  • Try giving the gift of a monthly subscription to an educator you know. You could even give the gift of a subscription to a school system for all educators to access.
  • Gift the subscription to any PTO or PTA group for them to bestow upon the school they serve.

Change the Way You Fund

Instead of letting teachers and schools browse the confusing government websites for hours by themselves, lighten their load by gifting a subscription to GrantsAlert. If you know an educator, then you know that this is a tool that would help them and their fellow educators. Give the gift of funding today. Gift a subscription from your business to an educator or school. You could also give it as a gift to someone you know would be benefit by this incredible funding feature. Change the way people fund their schools, businesses, and lives today!