Sweeten the Peel

It’s Citrus Season at RFPMatch.com – the perfect time to discover new funding sources in education. Many education decision makers are contemplating and conducting comprehensive needs assessments for another school year. This often involves consideration of evidence-based solutions, evaluation of current end of the year spending, and preparation for fresh new spending in the 2020-21 school year. How will you help your customers meet their identified needs?  Funding is the right snack to add to your customer’s recipe for their students’ and school’s success.

Just like this symmetrical orange, funding involves teamwork to make grants meaningful and obtainable. As solution providers, you are in perfect position to work in unity with the schools by offering fresh ideas and some juicy funding sources to turn their needs into attainable and doable solutions.

Right now, your schools may be struggling financially. With school plans underway for the 2020-21 school year, they may feel the squeeze.  Consider the U.S. State of Technology Report 2019 from Promethean World. Administrators report one of the biggest barriers to student success is restriction around budgets.(https://www.prometheanworld.com/microsites/state-of-technology-report/)

Ellen DeGeneres says, “When life gives you lemons…they could really be oranges.” An orange boost your immune system and we want to boost your opportunities to sell better, by addressing the barrier related to funding.

We are pulped to bring you a financial means to support your customers.  Orange you glad you are here?  At RFPMatch.com, we got bushels full of money. We were created to help you succeed and bring the best learning solutions to our nation’s children.