Funding: Something to Laugh About When Selling to Schools?


“Using funding information is just laughable.”

“I don’t have the time.”

“You want me to find the money for schools to buy my product? Not my responsibility!”

“My customers should know where their money is to buy my product.”

“This funding information is not worth the investment.”

These are real statements expressed to me when I share funding insights and actions with education companies. Yet, I also hear sales and marketing executives tell me they feel they are going against the grain when selling to schools with tight education budgets. Now in my 46th year of working with public education and with private industry, the focus I have is always that funding continues to be no laughing matter. I have “lived” with schools, districts, and states that struggle with the need for financial resources and I have also “lived” with education companies that struggle to bring much-needed products and solutions to make a difference for learning. And there lies the big gap — the financial hurdle between the need for your solution and the uncertainty or lack of means to procure it.

As a sales or marketing expert, you are in a pivotal position to help bridge the gap. We know selling involves the need to build a trusting relationship with potential customers.  Naturally you want to educate and help your customers on recognizing the value of your product, but you can also build credibility by showing them how to tap into revenue streams. However, first youneed to have understanding what reliable revenue streams that purchasers can use to purchase your products and services. When the two of you can transfer this funding knowledge together, you have earned trust.

Here at we believe we should always strive for laughter and fun in the work that we do. My horse and I often laugh together and in doing so, we build a trusting bond. We want you to build that bond with your customers. And we want you to put the fun back in funding!