February is a time of year when we are surrounded by images and messages of love. Perhaps you, or someone you know, may be considering a Request for Proposal to the love in your life.

At RFPMatch.com we fall in love everyday with being able to help companies uncover the best resources to make a difference in the lives of students. What better time of year then now for you to match up funding opportunities with your company’s products and services and school district needs.

There are three reasons we believe you should embark on a love affair with funding.

  1. Funding enables you as a HERO to schools by helping them find the needed resources to meet their student achievement goals.
  2. Funding empowers you as a LEADER to schools by helping schools identify evidence-based solutions to meet their most pressings problems.
  3. Funding positions you to be a DOOR OPENER by having deeper and more productive conversations with school decision makers.

So as the Funding Doctor, your treatment is to fall in love with RFPs for your company’s health as a HERO, LEADER, and DOOR OPENER. And the prescription is to use time tested and proven funding strategies. Let the funding matchmakers make falling in love with funding – fast and easy for your company.