All Aboard the Funding Train

As a young girl growing up during the Western era, I was in love with the singing cowboy, Gene Autry, and his horse Champion. In his movie “Mule Train” from Columbia Pictures, the theme song describes an Old West driver moving his team of mules forward.  As he travels along, he mentions the goods he is delivering to far away customers.

The song echoed in my mind as my “Mule” underwent repair service this week. Like the lyrics of the song, my Kawasaki Mule is critical to moving work forward on my farm. When the Mule was repaired and returned, I got more than service. I saw first hand an important lesson in selling and it was genuinely conveyed by the dealership at Kawasaki of Hickory, NC . The man that sold me the 4X4 utility workhorse said, “We don’t sell, we back what we sell and value you for trusting us. We want you to be satisfied and hopefully say positive comments about us.”

A gentle reminder that selling doesn’t end with a sale. When it moves beyond, it becomes the foundation for a solid relationship.  And in the case of this dealership, it offered an expression of gratitude to a satisfied customer! That is what we strive for at We want to be the conduit between education agencies and organizations that offer solutions to schools and districts. We provide “just in time” fund matchmaking to businesses that sell products or services to education. Ultimately we do our work because we genuinely want to make a difference for students, teachers, and schools.

And like the Mule train moving forward, we want happy, satisfied clients. We know that is what you want too!

Reach out today to learn how can we help your train move forward in the education sector.