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SEARCH + ANALYZE + MATCH works with education solution providers to connect the funding dots that give you a competitive edge you won’t find anywhere else.

Your company can no longer count on schools districts to find creative solutions to funding challenges. provides you with the funding intelligence you need in order to be able to guide schools to find purchasing solutions to procure your products and services.

Our experienced funding specialists and industry experts produce the most actionable intelligence on funding, providing you with matched funding opportunities and a competitive advantage.

Imagine a service that understands the challenges of the education market well enough to provide you with timely, vetted, and precisely-aligned funding insights, grant opportunities, and actionable recommendations. This is

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Funding for Education Solution Providers connects the dots between education funding and how to sell, market, and develop solutions for schools. Our RFPMatch OnDemand service acts as your just-in-time virtual assistant, providing access to All Things Funding for individuals, companies, and organizations.


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  • Do you know how to respond when customers say, “I love your solution but we just don’t have the money?”
  • Are you leveraging funding as part of your marketing strategy to capture more leads?
  • Have you captured your desired ROI in the education market?

If you have these questions, is your answer.  Think of as All Things Funding.

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